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    Meni na G7 isto radi bez pojada. Također iskljuceno upozorenje na ne vezani pojas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ovo je C/P koji sam našao, trebalo bi biti ovako... Byte4 Front Brake - Mirrored in Byte 17 14 270mm 20 288mm (PR. 1ZE) 24 288mm (PR. 1LM, 1ZE) 31 312mm (PR. 1ZK) 34 312mm (PR. 1LV, 1ZA, 1ZD) 50 (PR. 1LM) 54 340mm (PR. 1LA, 1LJ) 80 (PR. 1LI) 84 (PR. 1LI) C4 370mm (PR. 1ZT) Mine was fitted with the 340mm brakes from the factory so Byte4 is coded 54. I tried to code it to C4 but I get "out of range" message.